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17 Sad Abandoned Targets In Canada That Are Very Sad

Via Very abandon. Such sad.

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1. Sad abandoned Target in Stratford, Ontario.

2. Sadder abandoned Target in Niagara Falls.


3. A sad and scrubbed Target in a Burlington, Ontario mall centre.

4. Such sadness sitting in pretty town Nanaimo, British Columbia.


5. Sad vacant space for rent where a Target used to be in Gatineau, Quebec.

6. The sad abandoned insides of an Oshawa, Ontario Target.


7. Sad abandoned Target in Regina, Saskatchewan. Like seeing your ex. So sad.

8. Sad empty Target in Dartmouth, Nova Sadtia.


9. Very sad abandoned Target in an Edmonton, Alberta mall.

10. Sad outline where a Target sign once found a home in Calgary, Alberta.


11. Sad and wet abandoned Target in Calgary, Alberta. So sad and wet.

12. Super sad abandoned Target in Fredericton, New Brunswick.


13. A former Target in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Now just a building with sad red balls.

14. The abandoned Target in Kitchener, Ontario.


15. Target tombstone in Guelph, Ontario.


16. Dead Target. Charlottetown, PEI.

17. The doomsday of sad abandoned Targets. In Edmonton, Alberta. Gloom. Doom. Sad. Gone. Melancholy. Bye. Sad.