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    This Dachshund Is Not The Hero Canada Deserves, But The Hero Canada Needs

    *nominates Rusty for a seat in Parliament*

    You may think Captain Canuck is the superhero of the great nation of Canada.

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    And I'm here to tell you the Captain has been dethroned. By a dog. Who lives (and serves) in the Canadian capital of Ottawa, Ontario. His name is Rusty RuRu The Canadian Dachshund.

    Facebook: Rusty

    And for a myriad of reasons he is the hero Canadians need and deserve. Let us consider:

    Rusty thrives β€” nay, conquers β€” Canadian winters. He also "can sport a toque like nobody's business," his owner Terri tells BuzzFeed.

    Facebook: video.php

    He is incredibly outspoken and prideful of his Canadian roots.

    "[He's] just crazy about being an uber great Canadian, eh!" Terri, who's the one coordinating his eh-plus Canadian doggie looks, says.

    His squad looks way more commanding and influential than anyone in Parliament, tbh.

    Rusty also shows love for his American neighbours (who are going through a little bit of a strange time right now).

    But most importantly, Rusty represents the true compassion and heroism of Canadians: He was a rescue from a kill shelter in Montreal.

    Facebook: Rusty

    He also has a broken tail, which Terri and her husband calls "a sweeper" because "it wags and at the same time sweeps the floor."

    He wants to let everyone know: "Don't give up on the sick and maimed! We can be pretty special."

    Facebook: 234988669901407

    We salute you, Rusty. πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦

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