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21 Questions Asian People Are Sick Of Answering

"What kind of Asian are you?" Specific to East Asians.

1. "Let me guess: Are you Chinese?"

2. "What ARE you?"

3. "But what kind of Asian are you?"

4. "Can you tell the difference between the different types of Asian?"

5. "I heard they eat dogs. Do they really eat dogs over there?"

6. "...have you ever eaten dog?"

7. "Are you related to [anyone with the last name Lee, Kim, Chen, Nguyen]?"

8. This:

9. "Are your parents strict?"

10. "Like, do you have to marry someone from your own culture?"

11. "Do you get in trouble if you don't get straight A's?"

12. Specifically to females: "Are you attracted to Asian guys?"

13. *Anything ever said on OKCupid to Asian females*

14. "What's your REAL Asian name?"

15. "Omg you speak fluently? How do you say ______ in Korean/Chinese/Japanese/etc.?"

16. "Why are your eyes like that?"

17. "Are you really good at karaoke?"

18. "Are you really good at Ping-Pong?"

19. "How are you guys all so skinny?"

20. "Has anyone ever told you you look exactly like [one of the few Asian actors in Hollywood]?"

21. "Wait — can you understand the other Asian languages?"