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18 Of The Most "Fuck Me" Poutines From La Poutine Week


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It's La Poutine Week! AKA Canada's beauty pageant, showcasing the most decadent and innovative creations across the country, and the world. Here are some that will get you sweating from underneath your toque:

1. Mac And Cheese Poutine from Dirty Dogs, Montreal

Instagram: @mtl_food

3. Double Battered Poutine from Olive Orange, Montreal

Instagram: @oliveorange_mtl

Yes — that's double battered fries, double battered bacon, and double battered cheese curds. Drizzled in traditional gravy.

4. Poutine À La Gnocchi from &Company, Mississauga

Instagram: @tastetoronto

8. Homard, Foie Gras, Filet Mignon Poutine from La Champagnerie, Montreal

Instagram: @yumsterlifephoto

9. Crispy Chicken Skin Poutine from Spitalfields, London

Kicking off @LaPoutineWeek with triple cooked chips, cheese curds & gravy with crispy chicken skin! @Spitalfieldsbar

12. Ramen Poutine from IMADAKE, Montreal

13. Ricotta Meatball Poutine from Burger Royal, Montreal

Instagram: @burgerroyalmtl

15. Doughnut Fries, Caramel Gravy, and Peach "Curds" Poutine from Chez Boris, Montreal

Instagram: @chezboris

18. Bourbon Maple-Glazed Pork Belly, Oxtail Poutine from Devilled Bar, Montreal

Instagram: @lapoutineweek

Fuck. / Tabarnak.