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16 Photos That Capture What It's Like Renting In Toronto

Featuring raccoons of TO (RIP Conrad bless up).

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1. Looking for a new home! Searching listings in and around the cool trendy West end of downtown:


2. New listings! High-rise condos! Up-and-coming Liberty Village! Marble countertops! Clicking everywhere:

3. Soon realizing your fantasies and realities don't align:

4. Trying to balance the real budget against whether you can live without a window big enough to install an AC unit in the summer:

5. Or a window at all. Now clicking on basement rentals:

6. Peeking into people's homes 'cause you're too cheap to get a broker:

7. Succumbing to the fact that your real options are pretty much stuck north of Bloor:

8. Aaaaaaaaaaand that you'll probably live without a window:

9. *You waking up every morning without natural light or windows 365 days out of the year*:

Like waking up from a womb. A stale, dark, cemented womb...

10. It's fine, it's fine, negotiating with yourself: It just requires a bit of cleaning and fixing-upping:

11. And the listing wasn't entirely wrong... There is a window... If I'm on my tippy toes.

12. Not living off a subway line and thinking about every-morning-streetcar-waits in the winter:


14. Oh yeah — trying to pay for rent at all lolz:

15. The effort you put in looking vs. what you actually find, always:

16. And the existential coming-to-terms with the idea that you're throwing away money every month for eternity because you could never afford to actually buy property here: