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13 People Who Turned Their Canadian Up To 100

Happy F*ckin' Canada D'eh, Eh?

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1. The guy playing drunken carpet hockey with his high stick vodka bottle.

3. The person taking matters into their own hands when it was blistering out.

Not that long ago, Canada. Never forget where you came from.


6. The man who proved why we are the model citizens of the world.

7. Buddies who turned their beer tower into the Stanley Cup.

8. A dad and daughter, and their coming-of-age conversation:


9. A guy going for a quick run in the basement.

10. Someone who freely dumped their poutine on a cop car, which was caught by the cop's dashcam, and was not charged with a crime.

11. A guy who used bait to hitchhike.

12. And the driver who picked him up.

13. And one neighbour who went 0 - 100 real quick.

Get on their level.