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18 People Who Became Sudden Geniuses While High

Eureka moments happen during the haziest (and hungriest) of times.

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1. This stoner pack who was too high to drive, but still wanted a 20-piece McNugget.

2. This guy's cutting-edge* method to plucking superior candy flavors.



3. (Again, munchie desperation leads to clever innovation.)

4. @Stillblazingtho and their sales pitch to Netflix.

5. Peyton Manning.

6. But forget munchies, man, and introduce yourself to BRUNCHIES.

7. This man's ingenious use of a freezee.

8. And this man's ingenious use of a strawberry.

9. A girlfriend who concocted a bowl of oreo mini cereal. Please try this at home.

10. This adult who watched Captain Planet while blazed and uncovered a major flaw.

11. This man's sketch.

12. This extremely profound and literal "note to self."

13. This stoner's solution to their overindulgent lifestyle.

14. This guy's ability to multitask.

15. ...a true trailblazer.

16. This Redditor's detailed longterm plan for ape preservation.

17. A smoker's answer to tailgating: the "bonghat."

18. And the fine folks at Taco Bell.

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