A Friendly Reminder That The Biggest A-Hole On Television Is Canadian

    We let one slip through the cracks.

    All Canadians are polite, they say. They're too nice, they say.

    No. Wrong. False. Most Canadians are nice — it's encoded in our DNA — but every so often there is a deviant, an outlier, an exception.

    His name is Kevin O'Leary.

    O'Leary, born in Quebec, is an entrepreneur who is most (in)famously known as an investor and television personality first on Dragons' Den, then on Shark Tank.

    Where he's undoubtedly become the A-hole of network TV.

    *Eh-hole as it's said in Canada. Just kidding. Sorry.

    Sure, sure, it's probably a shtick, and sometimes you can't help but laugh...

    BUT SOMETIMES IT'S NOT: Like, when he shaded and shamed the premier of Alberta, Rachel Notley.

    And his own country unanimously distanced themselves.

    We need a crowdfunding campaign to raise $1 million to pay Kevin O'leary to just stop talking https://t.co/0QAC9eE14R #abpoli #cdnpoli

    Or when he called Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Chris Hedges a "nutbar" on air while debating Occupy Wall Street.

    Because, as we interrupt regular programming to remind you, he's Canadian. Born and bred.


    So Canadian.

    One of us.

    More like Kevin O'WEARY, eh?

    Kevin O'Leary is the Canadian Donald Trump.

    Sorry, that wasn't very nice. Sorry.