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    18 Things You Can Only Get Away With In Toronto

    "I do what I want" —city of Toronto.

    1. This shade-throwing construction site banner.

    2. And this one:

    3. This very good addition to downtown's Carlton street.

    4. This public scrimmage in superhero costumes. Because Toronto.

    5. Turning a neighbourhood watch into *squints eyes, whips cape* a neighbourhood watch.

    6. And, appropriately, using this signature.

    8. Riding your bike butt-ass naked. No, literally, it's a thing*.

    Creative Commons / Flickr: pah57

    *link is VERY NSFW.

    9. This truly spectacular slogan for Segways.

    10. This message a U of T professor sent to his entire Astronomy 101 class addressing "disruptive meowing".

    11. Trolling your mayor with fake political campaigns...



    14. ...PSA signs...

    15. signs...

    16. signs...

    17. ...even this homeless man's sign.

    18. God bless, Toronto.

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