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    Why Thousands Of Canadians Are Buying Strangers A Cup Of Coffee Today

    James used to buy strangers a cup of coffee. Now his family and friends are encouraging you to buy #OneForJames to honour his legacy.

    Earlier this year, a dad and husband from Ontario passed in a tragic snowmobile accident.

    Facebook: oneforjames

    Local news outlets that reported on the deadly accident in February remembered James Bidgood as a family man and the kind of person who was "the last guy to leave the campfire, but the first guy up for work."

    To honour him, a close family friend started the #OneForJames hashtag to encourage people to buy the coffee for the next person in line — something James used to do regularly.

    Within hours, localers began sharing their part in paying it forward.

    And soon the hashtag spread nationwide. Thousands of people who didn't know James were buying strangers a cup of coffee.

    It was great to see the smile on the woman's face behind me when she got her coffee! #oneforjames

    Even reaching folks in the States.

    Facebook: oneforjames

    Jason Alexander, James' best friend and the guy behind the initiative, went out to see just how quickly the simple gesture caught on.

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    Jason recorded himself handing over an extra toonie after paying for his own coffee and said "this is one for James." Enough people had done the same that day that the cashier knew exactly what he meant.

    Jason tells BuzzFeed that he's not surprised by the response, but he is extremely grateful to anyone honouring his "best friend's legacy."

    "It keeps growing which is a testament to what it is: It's something amazing," he said. "If everyone who 'liked' our Facebook page buys one for James and only a quarter pay it forward, that's 500 nice gestures being done for people. And that's incredible. That's the point of it all. Just do good for people."

    And to those supporters, "I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart."

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