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    People Are Really Pucking Sad That No Canadian Teams Made The NHL Playoffs

    We are sore-y losers.

    Not a single Canadian team made the playoffs this year. Not one. Nada. It's the first time in 46 years.

    And American headlines like these only add insult to injury.

    Because, up north β€” the LAND OF ICE AND HOCKEY β€” the reality is settling in, and it's an equally embarrassing-as-is-depressing one.

    Every Canadian when they realize all 3 California teams will be in the @NHL playoffs...& none of their 7 teams are.

    ICYMI: For the first time since 1970, every Canadian NHL team will miss the playoffs this season.

    People are like "if we don't have hockey, what do we... what do we have?"

    Every Canadian hockey team this season...

    We have Crying Michael Jordan memes.

    When the NHL playoffs start this year:

    All of them.

    Woe, Canada: NHL Playoffs will be all-American for only 2nd time after Senators eliminated.

    Coming down...

    When every Canadian team misses the playoffs @nick_dece

    Like freezing rain during Canadian "Spring."

    When you're the last Canadian team to get eliminated from the playoffs..

    Refreezing our spirits, just when it was starting to thaw.

    Sorry Canada... Everyone of your NHL teams has been officially eliminated from the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

    (We won't even get into the devastating blow to Rogers investments.)

    No Canadian NHL teams in the playoffs this year. That was $5.2B well spent, Rogers.

    This year, Canada is the most sore-y.

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