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People Are Laughing So Hard At This Dog's Unfortunate "Trim"

The dog is already plotting her revenge.

This is Mimi, an 11-year-old shih tzu who gets routine haircuts every month or so. A really "nice" cut will usually run the family about $150, Mimi's owner Josh Pitruzzella told us.

Josh Pitruzella

But this time around, Josh's dad decided to try to save some money, so he told the groomer to "shave everything but the ears and tail."

Josh Pitruzzella / Via Twitter: @JoshPit40

Apparently this constituted a "trim" at the doggie salon, so the dad "only had to pay $35," Josh told BuzzFeed.

...And this is what resulted from Dad's special instructions:

Josh Pitruzzella


AKA what Josh, when he saw Mimi, called "a rat on meth." 😭😭😭😭😭

Apparently Josh's dad forgot to mention to Josh his (at the time) ingenious cost-cutting loophole, so he was "in awe" when he saw Mimi's cut.

Josh Pitruzzella

"My dad never told me he was going to save money and just shave my dog," Josh said. "But the groomer told me what happened, so she was just doing what she was told."

"I was speechless."

Josh Pitruzzella

(And from the looks of it, so was Mimi.)

People are laughing so hard at Mimi's unfortunate transformation.

And comparing her to William H. Macy's character Frank from the show Shameless.

Josh tells BuzzFeed Mimi is taking all of this in stride (not that she has a choice. But still).

Josh Pitruzzella

"She's a really good dog and even though she peed in my bed today (probably because I humiliated her all over social media), I wouldn't want any other dog."

But don't worry, Josh — especially you, Josh's dad — Mimi will get her retribution.

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