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17 Adorable Facts About Manitoba

Welcome to the land of 1.5 million Slurpees sold.

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1. Manitobans consume the most Slurpees from 7-Eleven in the world. And they've held that title for 16 straight years.

Winnipeg, specifically, has the largest amount of Slurpee consumers in the world, with an estimated total 1,500,000 Slurpees sold since the first 7-Eleven came to the province in 1970.

2. In fact, 7-Eleven erected a Slurpee statue in Winnipeg — now the biggest in the world. Congrats.

Extended: Record breaking 711-litre Slurpee made in Winnipeg


6. Because most groundhogs are hibernating in Manitoba on February 2, the province has to use a puppet groundhog to predict how much winter they'll see.

Happy Groundhog (Groundfog) Day Winnipeg! Manitoba Merv didn't see his shadow. What does he know? He's just a puppet:

8. On one random day in 2012, customers at a Winnipeg Tim Hortons picked up the tab for the next customer 288 times in a row.

It was not a coordinated stunt, but a random gesture of kindness that customers wanted to keep on a roll. Eventually, one guy decided not to pay for the customer behind him. Asshole. (Just kidding.)


9. In 1874, a magistrate had to try himself for public drunkenness, so he charged himself five dollars and his closing statement — to himself — was "...taking into consideration past good behaviour, your fine is remitted."

12. Even though Sir John A. Macdonald doesn't have a fancy shmancy political city named after him (like Washington does in the States), Manitoba named a small rural municipality "Macdonald" as a wink to the first Prime Minister.

"Thanks, guys!" — John A. back then, taking what he could get.


13. "Honey dill," a sauce only available in Manitoba, was created from a mistake trying to steal and copy someone else's sauce. It's now become one of the most popular sauces.

14. The town of Flin Flon was actually named after a sci-fi character. Oh, yeah, and it's where the Canadian government commissioned the largest weed farm.

The town has also dedicated a giant statue to the fictional character "Josiah Flintabbatey Flonatin" it is named after. (The jolly man to the right.)

16. And in November of last year, a writer for set polar bear footage to random songs, hidden in the depths of YouTube, with only a handful of views each. Please watch these overlooked pieces of art on the Internet.

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17. Truly.

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I realize this is not-so-much a "fact," but representative of the darling place we call Manitoba. The world needs to know.