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Lorde's Grammy Performance Proved Her Dancing Continues To Freak People Out

But, like, what were you doing at 17 years old?

Lorde's "Royals" performance tonight was accompanied with a new straightened 'do...

But she pulled out her usual dance moves.

Complete with the double jerky claws.

The moody body twitches.

The eyes-shut-descending grooves.

And all-over erratic hiccups everywhere.

"And we'll never be ro-*jerk*-yals.."

As much as we've come to expect these signature moves from her, it scared (and scarred) the internets.

Lorde's Grammy performance was the trailer of the new Paranormal activity movie.

And the award for the most scariest Grammy performance goes to Lorde

Lorde's Grammy performance = exorcism

And the award for most awkward performance to watch at the #GRAMMYs goes to Lorde!

But fans immediately jumped to her defense 'cause the 17-year-old is doing her THING, and we kinda dig her thing.

Soooo much hate about lorde's performance, seriously how would you feel only being 17 year old, performing for the whole world? #GRAMMYs

lorde is a 17 year old who got to preform in front of the whole world tonight while i sit here typing this #GRAMMYS

Not even watching the Grammys but idc bout y'all's opinions lorde bumps

People love to goof on Lorde... but what an incredible accomplishment. Being weird is so much better than being like everyone else. #GRAMMYs

We love you, Lorde. Twitch on!