Lorde’s Dip-Dyed Fingers Were The Best Nail Art Performance Of The Grammys

She brings new meaning to “exorcism chic.”

1. At the 2014 Grammys, Lorde looked like a more grown-up version of her usual teen goth self.

Her pants even had pleats in them! And her hair was decidedly less ’90s-Noxzema-girl-gone-goth and a little more fresh-from-the-Drybar.

ID: 2339496

2. And it was the first time someone out in the wild actually attempted the dip-dyed fingertips look…

Lorde’s still got edge, y’all!

ID: 2339515

3. Which has appeared in various runway shows.

Here they are at Mara Hoffman’s A/W 2012 show.

ID: 2339571

Japanese model Eriko Nakao backstage sporting her frost-bitten fingers.

ID: 2339464

At the Aminaka Wilmont A/W 2012 show.

ID: 2339473

6. And apparently in V Magazine as well.

What’s happening with Lorde’s fingertips? Channeling Rick Owens’ partner, Michele Lamy:

— Isabel Wilkinson (@IsabelWilkinson)
ID: 2339514

7. But what I really want to know is HOOOOWWWW do you get this manicure??

ID: 2339644

8. Handling charcoal briquettes?

ID: 2339621

9. Chain-smoking?

ID: 2339667

10. Performing an oil change?

ID: 2339677

11. Pressing your fingers into an inkpad?

ID: 2339608

12. Pen explosion?

ID: 2339692

13. Actual frostbite?

Warner Bros.
ID: 2339598

14. Lorde, please teach us your dark-hearted ways.

ID: 2339654

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