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LOL, There's A Knockoff Tim Hortons In South Korea Called "Tim House"

It'll make you do a ...double double take.

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Last week, a Canadian expat was biking through Seoul, South Korea, when he spotted a fake Tim Hortons named "Tim House" β€” reports CTV News.

Fake Tim Hortons spotted in South Korea

The photo circulated online and had a ton of Canadians cracking up, because LOL.

So apparently there is a fake Tim Hortons in Seoul, South Korea called Tim House. HAHAHAAA!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­

ahahahahah ahahah RT @CTVNews: Fake #TimHortons spotted in South Korea: Tim House

DOUBLE DOUBLE TAKE: Fake @TimHortons spotted in South Korea called "Tim House" - @CTVNews

Tim Hortons HQ didn't find it amusing, obviously.

While Timmies is "thrilled" to learn people love their product on the other side of the world, they are looking to take legal action against "Tim House".

β€œAlthough we are not currently operating in South Korea, we will continue to take the necessary steps to protect our trademarks,” the director of public affairs said.

Meanwhile, more photos have emerged of the brilliant knockoff. Here's the banner glowing softly in the hushful night.

Here's their sign beckoning Koreans to touch overcooked coffee to their lips, burning every shallow of their sorry mouths.

And their familiar sign, that says "hey, I know you're too lazy to go anywhere else, so come in for the coffee, stay for the 50 timbits you'll regret and feel sadness for yourself later". Come to Tim's House.

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