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    This Kid Dancing Behind A Reporter In Louisiana Is What We Really Need Right Now

    The kid had a feeling we needed this.

    The widespread flooding in parts of Louisiana is one of the worst, and most devastating, in the state's history.

    But one kid brought a smile to the internet when he was caught dancing behind a news reporter from WAFB, a CBS affiliate for Baton Rouge, over the weekend.

    I'm WHEEZING. RT @SisterShanise: This is why I want a son.

    The kid busted all of his best moves and HE'S SO SERIOUS ABOUT IT.

    WAFB / Via

    This sliding move!!!! He's working his angles. He knows them. I'm gone.

    WAFB / Via

    And when the reporter turns around, the kid casually walks off, like nothing to see here.


    You can hear the people who watched it live cracking up, and everyone else who watched the clip online couldn't control it either.

    People are tagging their friends and joking, "Come get your son."

    And others are hailing the kid (who has yet to be identified) as the hero of an otherwise grim couple of days in Louisiana.

    So if this is your kid, 1) come get him, but 2) don't ground him, because we really needed this. 😂

    WAFB / Via

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