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17 Reasons Y'all Americans Moving To Canada Could Not Survive

A reminder that might trump your plans.

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Fellow Americans: Are you one of these people?

Or even one of these (anomalous) people?

Wait, what? Do you even know what Canada is — nevermind.
Twitter: @marissaknight_

Wait, what? Do you even know what Canada is — nevermind.

1. Because if you are, just know right now it's two weeks before June, and if you lived here, this is what you'd be waking up to:

I don't mean to be alarmist, but it's May 15th and snowing in Southern Ontario

2. This is where you'd be laying out your towel to suntan on:

3. Where you'll be kicking back and cracking open a book with your morning coffee:

Instagram: @karenannepayne

4. Where you'd crack open a Bud Light and tailgate and bump chests (or whatever it is that happens in summertime sports):

5. You guys like GoT, right?

6. Prepared to have both your lawn mower and snow blower out.

7. I'd pack a coat, or three, with you, too:

You're in it for the long haul.
Twitter: @MeteoAntoine

You're in it for the long haul.

8. Ever consider New Brunswick? They have a real budding hip scene in Moncton:

9. You loved Montreal when you visited, eh? Why now indulge in it 24/7:

10. If all you know about Quebec is poutine and French, you should be all set. Nothing else to prepare for!:

Instagram: @life

11. Heard ~the 6~ was cool? Been listening to Views lately? Oh, it's "cool" alright:

12. Sooooooooo "chill":

13. AND VANCOUVER — Nevermind, we don't associate them during this time.

14. But anyway. To 'Mericans who are "serious" about moving to Canada if your political climate is not favourable:

15. We are just as serious about letting you know what you are flippantly getting into:

16. Because we know how beautiful and tranquil Canada can be:

Creative Commons / Flickr: james_wheeler

17. But we were built for it.

9 months of winter: Who's ready?!
Twitter: @robyn_hutchings

9 months of winter: Who's ready?!