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Updated on Oct. 9, 2018. Posted on Jun. 24, 2016

26 Pictures That Prove Canada Mass Produces Dad Jokes, And Moose Be Stopped

No fun joke on this line here. I just still can't believe our country is real.

1. Ottawa's Road Safety Campaign:

2. Atwood, Ontario's Official Welcome Sign:

3. A Huntsville, Ontario Canadian Tire Bathroom Sign:

4. A Tweet By The Canadian Science Company Branch:

5. A Tweet By The Canadian Hardware Company Branch:

6. An Ice Cream Flavour:

7. An Official West Coast Express Platform Warning:

8. Streets In Nova Scotia:

Google Maps

9. Vancouver Parks' Dog Owners Warning:

10. A Church Sign In Ottawa:

11. A Fire Safety Warning:

12. A Clearance Sale Sign:

13. A Political Message:

14. A Storefront In British Columbia:

15. A Beer Brand:

16. A Tims Campaign:

17. A Sampling Caution:

18. An Albertan Licence Plate:

19. Canada Day Celebration:

20. A Smoke Chute:

21. A Menu In Quebec:

22. Winter Safety Advisories From Canadian Police:

23. ...A Trend:

24. ......That Will Not Die:

25. Arresting A Weatherman For Bad Weather:

Yes, that's NL's most-wanted @ryansnoddon being taken away by @RNC_PoliceNL for crimes against #nlwx

26. And No Missed Opportunites:

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