Here’s Some Uplifting Graffiti If You’re Already Having A Bad Day

Vandalism can be a really good thing.

1. Hey, we just wanted to check in!

2. If it’s kinda crummy, remind yourself:

3. There are so many ways you can turn it around.

4. And always remember what really matters.

9. Seriously, don’t worry about it, neighbour.

10. QUICK! Think about the friends waiting for you back home!

11. QUICK! Look at this guy.

12. And look at this guy!

13. These Canadian graffiti subjects are cozying up with a nice cup of tea and without a care in the world.

14. Embark on new unexpected adventures!

15. Make a new unexpected friend.

16. Nothing should be holding you back.

17. ‘Cause, as Nas once said:

18. So, have a nice day!

19. And be the best you!

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