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    25 Everyday Irrational Fears We All Share

    Death is inevitable.

    1. Thinking the cables will snap every time you ride an elevator.

    2. Falling into the abyss of sidewalk grates.

    3. Being stuck in public transportation and thinking this is your last moment.


    4. Paranoia of being convicted, arrested, or accused of something for literally no reason.

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    See: leaving a store and setting the alarm off even if you didn't steal anything.

    5. Tripping, and endlessly tumbling down stairs. And dying.

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    6. Drifting to sleep with gum in your mouth, and choking on it. And dying.

    7. Falling off the top bunk. And dying.

    Alternatively, fear your body weight will break the top bunk, killing your bunkmate underneath.

    8. Suspecting a stranger has been living in your apartment for some time, and they are the cause of miscellaneous noises at night.

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    9. Opening your umbrella in a storm and thinking it will become a lightning pole.

    10. Driving across a bridge and thinking it will spontaneously crumble beneath you.

    It's happened before, which means it can happen anytime, anywhere.

    11. Riding the subway with only one other suspicious person.

    12. Dropping your keys or phone down an elevator shaft. Even if they're in your pocket.

    It will find a way to drop itself.

    13. Getting your bag caught in the subway door and being whisked away into the underworld.

    14. On flights, even the slightest turbulence makes your life flash before your eyes.

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    Prayer on prayer on prayer on prayer.

    15. Walking on a street with a stranger who happens to go where you're going, assuming they're following you to kill you.

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    16. Also, walking up stairs in the dark and having a moment of fear that someone might chase you up them.


    Which makes you spring up to the landing, at which point you'll be safe, of course.


    Because there are probably statistics for shattering plexiglass.

    18. Wearing your necklace to bed and it choking you in your sleep.

    And you never wake up.

    19. Eating so much that you think your stomach lining might slowly tear apart.

    20. Holding your pee for so long that you think your bladder will explode from within.

    21. Accidentally slipping your hands into your hoop earrings and yanking your earlobes off.

    22. Carrying a knife across the kitchen and accidentally dropping it on your toes.

    23. Using a knife in the kitchen and paranoia and/or urge you might stab something close to you.

    Which is why you still walk around the house holding scissors facedown.

    24. A car door flying wide open on the highway if you didn't lock it.

    A childhood fear you still carry in your heart today.

    25. And oh yeah, did you check the stoves before you left?

    Because your house is probably burning down.