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    25 Dumb Questions Every Canadian Has Had To Answer

    "What's bagged milk all a-boot? LOLOLOLOL."

    1. "Is it winter year-round?"

    2. "Are you, like, immune to the cold?"

    3. "Why does your milk come in bags? What's that all A-BOOT? HAHAHA."

    Not all of Canada has bagged milk, but when they do, it's because they come in bags. A little like when you put your milk in another kind of container.

    4. "Does anything ever happen? Like, is there even crime up there?"

    5. "Do you need a passport to get into Canada?"

    Of course not! Just flash a giftcard! Maybe a library card!

    (Even though you didn't need one at one point, the rationale is inherently dumb.)

    6. "Do you guys celebrate Halloween?"

    7. "Is Christmas the same time for you?"

    8. "Is the Queen your equivalent of a president?"

    *discards this question into GARBURATOR*

    9. "Why are your bills so colourful? It looks like monopoly money. HAHAHA"

    Another original, well-crafted joke.

    10. "Is every kid forced to play hockey growing up?"

    11. "Is everyone always happy?"

    ALWAYS. Because there is never ANY crime and ALL the drugs!

    12. "You're from [any Canadian city]. Is that a city? I thought Toronto was the only city."

    13. "Why do you guys say 'eh' at the end of every sentence?"

    "Eh" is only tacked on when you pose a question out of a statement. Example: "Americans just can't seem to grasp this concept, eh?"

    14. "Have you ever eaten moose?"

    15. "Do you guys live in igloos? OK I know, I know ...but have you ever been in an igloo?"

    16. "Does Canada even have an army?"

    17. "What the hell is Boxing Day? Do you guys BOX each other? HAHAHA."

    Good joke! Have never heard that one before. There are several origins and ideas around Boxing Day. If you want to know, find out!

    18. "Was your school like Degrassi?"

    19. "Can you get your hands on any drug you want?"

    20. "Have you ever cross-country skied to school?"

    Only when the polar bear is too tired to take me :(

    21. "Do the police have cars, or do they only ride horses?"

    22. "What do you mean you've never tried curling???"

    23. "Is Canadian Thanksgiving a real holiday?"

    24. "What do you eat on ~Canadian Thanksgiving~?"


    (No. Standard fare.)

    25. "Oh, you're from [regional Canadian location]. Do you know Steve?"

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