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    Drake Got An Emoji Tattoo, The Internet Responds Accordingly

    So emojiional.

    Tattoo artist Doctor Woo seems to have uploaded an Instagram photo of Drake's forearms baring some new ink.

    The tat is of the prayer hands emoji, because of course it is.

    Next to the numeral "6," which we can safely assume has something to do with his recent mission to rebrand the city of Toronto "The 6".

    And nothing was the same—nope, things stayed pretty much the same. The internet responded accordingly:

    Drake the kinda guy to get an emoji tattoo

    Dont tell me Drake tatted the emoji

    Drake's new tattoo is the prayer emoji? *walks away*

    I give up on life “@mashable: Nothing was the same: Drake gets prayer hands emoji tattoo ”

    Drake really got an emoji tattooed on his arm(?) I cant breathe

    drake got an emoji prayer hands tattoo, drake is cosplaying himself at this point

    And then Denny's had their own fun:

    .@drake we love yr emoji tattoo so much, we made you some brand new ones if you ever want to add to it. love, dennys