Don't Worry, Guys, Our Canada-U.S. Border Is Heavily Guarded

    A wall, eh?

    Alright, alright, I see, hmmm, cool, neat idea, alright. But IDK, man. I thiiiiiiink we've got this one under control.

    I mean, just look at the border between Quebec and Vermont, as one Redditor posted.

    Nine very solid and sturdy and albeit lovely but all-the-while threatening flower pots are keeping us very divided.

    Sure, someone from Stanstead, Quebec could walk over and pick a petunia in Derby Line, Vermont, and walk back, but dare they? Of course not.

    Or this very scenic but firm and menacing border line they cut through 1,300 miles of forested area between the two countries.


    There's a bench that sits half on the Alaskan side and half on the Yukon side that will instantly deter anyone from resting their tush on the wrong side.

    And a terrorizing tombstone straddling the national parks of Alberta and Montana.

    Or this one. Made of metal. So don't you dare try to run through it.

    So this wall idea — interesting, interesting. And keeping these so-called neighbours completely separate — LUVS IT.

    'Cause it's not like 90% of Canada's population lives on the border and haven't posed a huge threat to the U.S.