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Canada's Dollaramas Are Raising Their $1 Prices And It's Bullsh*t

More like DollaWRONGma amirite.

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Well, here's a hot f#$king take: This is morally, intrinsically, spiritually, politically, and emotionally wrong.

And I'ma lay it out for you.


2. And, tbh, any other name sucks. Sorry.

if dollarama is hiking up prices, it should change its name too. enough is enough.


6. 'Cause we all collectively feel really travel- and online-shopping-deprived right now.

tbh the weak ass canadian dollar is really killing my online shopping game

9. So to the kind people at Dollarama who have supplied us with $1 tupperware when we couldn't afford Canadian Tire:

WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?????? *shakes fist at sky* - @BryceKelley