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    Dear Newfoundland, We Are So, So Sorry About The "Spring" Season

    "Sorry?" — British Columbia.

    1. Newfoundland has just been hit with another record-breaking snowstorm. In mid-April. All while British Columbia is way hotter than it should be right now.

    So, to our buddies over there, from the rest of the country:

    2. We are so, so sorry...

    3. This feels really unfair.

    4. You've done nothing to deserve this.

    5. And you deserve all the sun, warmth, flowers, birds, and non-snow Spring should bring.

    6. Not to mention the beach, tanning, swimming, flip flops, popsicles...

    7. ...Sorry. That's not helping.

    8. IT'S A NEWFOUNDLAND IN NEWFOUNDLAND! Oh, but s/he looks pissed.

    Twitter: @saminic15

    Sorry, dog.

    9. Sorry, all dogs, who just wanted to fetch for a ball they can finally find.

    10. Sorry, sidewalks.

    11. Sorry, innocuous and probably friendly neighbours, who just wanted to not shovel — for just one day.

    12. Sorry, beautiful Newfoundland sceneries.

    13. Sorry, beautiful backyards.

    14. Sorry, slippery, windy roads. Snow tires for one more day :(

    15. But those Newfies: You know what sets them apart? (Besides the endless winter)

    After the snowstorm yesterday, I thought I'd play a tune that fits quite well. "Newfoundland Spring"#nlwx

    16. They don't give a single flying fuck. They will celebrate spring — snow or not.

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