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17 Things You'll Learn If You're Dating A Tim Hortons Employee

Love is measured in free doughnuts.

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1. You only know one person who can make a particularly putrid shade of beige-brown look good.

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2. But that person never, ever, ever wants you to see them in it.

Woman love a man in uniform but clearly not a man in a Tim Hortons uniform... I should know

In their defense, BeyoncΓ© would look dumpy in it.

3. But you still drop by, if not to see your beloved significant other, then definitely for the free PERK$$$$$$$.

This is what you wake up to when your boyfriend works overnights at Tim Hortons..

4. Yes, love can be bought by doughnuts. 🍩❀🍩❀🍩❀

perks of him working at Tim Hortons


5. But they also have their fun when you show up.

when ur bf works at Tim Hortons >>>>


10. You've had to assist and tend to one β€” or 15 β€” too many coffee burns.


13. But all is settled because you are just grateful for them always having change for laundry.

Only from working half a summer at Tim hortons I have filled my tip jar finally 😍😍

14. Oh, the stories your loved one will bring home.

a customer just tried to get a free coffee with a mcdonalds stamp card hahahaha this is tim hortons man get your life together

16. If you're in a relationship with a Tims employee, you are not immune or above being cheesy, or cutesy-wutesy about it.

17. And if you both work there, well, game over. You two are the most disgustingly Canadian couple.

When both you and your bf work at Tim Hortons...