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    23 Of The Creepiest Photos Of Abandoned Places Around P.E.I.

    Prince Edward Shutter Island.

    For the last few years, P.E.I. native Tony Gallant has made a hobby out of finding, visiting, and photographing the many abandoned properties that litter the island.

    He posts all of his photos to a Facebook page he hatched called "Abandoned Properties on P.E.I." — a capsule of strangely captivating and incredibly creepy snapshots of the past.

    Most of the backstories still remain a mystery, but that's what keeps things interesting. Here are some of Tony's personal favourites among the most eerie places he's uncovered:

    1. The entrance of a deserted house that's over 100 years old.

    2. A "little red wagon that lies covered in the dust of a long empty house," Tony described the photo to us.

    3. As Tony left one property, he turned back to find a piece of kitsch peeking behind a curtain at the window.

    4. A naked doll left perched on the window sill...

    5. Spotted from the outside:

    6. And a doll head found in the property of an old vacant home.

    7. A house that Tony predicts was ditched more than 30 years ago, and the living room inside.

    8. And another long-discarded house, but with someone's belongings still inside.

    9. Getting inside poses its own terrifying challenge. "This small window leading to the basement is the only entry," Tony writes.

    10. And walking down into decrepit basements.

    11. Where sometimes it's unclear exactly what he finds.

    12. Then there are the moments when Tony decides to walk upstairs, at night.

    13. And the rooms are, well, inexplicably haunting.

    14. Dishware that remained untouched in the kitchen cabinets of an abandoned house.

    15. And photo albums left strewn and scattered on the floor.

    16. Not only are homes and buildings left behind. Here is a pair of abandoned boats on a P.E.I. field.

    Tony also shared with us his childhood home, which has since been abandoned by inhabiters after him:

    17. The living room, where a wood-burning stove once sat in front of the mantle. "Notice the safe in the wall above the mantle," Tony points out.

    18. "A long curtain still hangs over the broken window."

    19. In the cellar is a large wood-oil furnace. Snow has seeped in through many cracks and holes in the house.

    20. "One of the many religious pictures my mother displayed in the house."

    21. Broken belongings litter the staircase but "the stairs are still straight and true," he notices, strangely.

    22. And finally, this church-style window lookout where, as a child, Tony "spent many nights staring out" to the nearby village of O'Leary.

    23. You can follow Tony's enchantingly haunting adventures here.

    You can find more abandoned places and photos from Tony's book Door To The Past.