Chris Brown Instagrammed A Photo Of Himself Licking A Girl’s Butt, Then Deleted It

All together now: ugh. Obvs NSFW.

1. In news no one wanted, Chris Brown shared an Instagram of himself licking a female’s butt early Friday morning.

The photo was captioned “Eat da booty! #idgt lol.”

2. The NSFW photo, which since has been deleted, was apparently a screen grab from his 2010 music video for “No Bullshit.”



The filtered screen grab (left) and the actual scene from his music video (right).

3. Breezy’s …gesture might be jumping on the recent “Eat A Booty Day” movement pioneered by fellow rapper Trick Daddy.

4. And the captioned “#idgt” hashtag seemed to be throwing shade toward rapper Kevin Gates, who, in a radio interview in June, shared his preference for booty consumption.

According to Kollege Kidd, in the interview, Gates said “I don’t get tired” when elaborating on his preferred sexual act. The expression then inspired the #idgt hashtag.

5. While real motives remain unclear, Brown quickly deleted the instagram.

6. Wellp, you know what they say…

7. It takes an asshole to eat one.


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