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    The 11 Strangest Chinese Rules For "Civilized" Tourist Behavior

    Including "do not talk about babies' eyes" in Iran.

    China's National Tourism Administration recently released a 64-page guidebook that aims to project a "good image of Chinese tourists." The social pointers ranged from the please-and-thank-you's to the very bizarre. Here are some of the very bizarre.

    1. "Don't dry your handkerchief and underwear on the lampshade."

    2. "Do not leave footprints on the toilet seats, and flush after use."

    3. "If a performer slips on stage, be understanding but do not cheer, whistle and jeer."

    4. "Keep nose hairs neatly trimmed."

    5. "Do not force others to take a picture with you."

    6. "Wherever you dive in the ocean, don't catch and take away any marine life."

    7. "Leave life jackets under your seat." (AKA do not steal them.)

    8. Specifically in Italy: "Do not give someone a handkerchief."

    9. Specifically in Korea: "Face sideways when drinking alcoholic beverages."

    10. Specifically in Spain: "Women in Spain should wear earrings in public—or else be considered effectively naked."

    11. Specifically in Germany: "Snap fingers to beckon dogs, not humans."