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These Canadians Drove 34 Hours To Try KFC For The First Time

The fried chicken pilgrimage took five days.

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A father-son crew from Montreal just completed a 2,000-mile road trip to Kentucky — all for a taste of America's finger lickin' chicken.

Jeff Noble / AP

The two dads and their sons wanted to visit the original Kentucky Fried Chicken establishment in Corbin, Kentucky. For three of the boys, it was the first time they'd ever had KFC.

Their trip started on Thursday and they arrived on Saturday. Altogether, they crossed two provinces and five states.

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The six of them passed time by singing French road trip jingles — as French-Canadians do.

They then proceeded to gift the KFC general manager some Canadian artifacts, including cans of maple syrup and empty KFC buckets from Quebec, where it's called "PFK" there.

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