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19 Completely Awesome Things Canadians Did In 2014

Just another year being eh-plus people.

1. When a grieving widower from Ontario left a beautiful note to pay for a young couple's meal at a restaurant.

2. When the Institute of Diversity issued this response to Russia's anti-LGBT laws (in light of the Winter Olympics).

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3. When a Canadian coach replaced a Russian athlete's broken ski so he could complete his Winter Olympic race with dignity.

4. When, after Canada took home gold in hockey, someone continued spreading joy.

5. When a bank turned its ATMs into "Automated Thanking Machines" that surprised their customers with miscellaneous gifts.

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The ATM gave every customer a $20 bill, but other random and personalized surprises were flowers, more cash, baseball swag (to a huge Blue Jays fan), and plane tickets around the world.

6. And then again, later in the year, when they surprised 24 people with $30,000 to #MakeTodayMatter.

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The bank gave the customers $30,000 and 24 hours to do one thing: #MakeTodayMatter by carrying out a good deed. They identified 24 people with the most inspirational ideas and then surprised them with the resources to allow them to actualize their goals.

Ontario native Michael Mulligan is in a wheelchair himself, so he knew "how hard it can be to get into places." He decided to spend the $30,000 on constructing a ramp for his neighbour Rose so she could regain her independence. It was the first time in four years she was able to get out of her house.

8. And when someone else spent that money on buying uniforms and equipment for a struggling minor football league.

9. When a fourth-grader drew this "coin" for a school assignment.

11. When an organization in Vancouver created bus benches that double as shelter for the homeless when it rains.

12. When Canada's NATO master trolled the Russian army on Twitter.

Geography can be tough. Here’s a guide for Russian soldiers who keep getting lost & ‘accidentally’ entering #Ukraine

13. When a former Dairy Queen employee wrote a heartfelt note to her boss years later.

When the country was shaken after several fatal shootings in Ottawa that were later classified as terrorist attacks...

15. And instead left a different message at the mosque, like, "You ARE home."

16. When this happened:

17. When a woman found a paralyzed dog in Thailand and the internet helped her buy a new doggie wheelchair for the pup.

The 20 pups found in a field in Saskatchewan (left), and toy donations from one Canadian family (right).

19. And, finally, when Canadians helped Americans finish their national anthem after a mic cut out at a hockey game.

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Because we're just those kind of neighbours.