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    Jul 28, 2014

    The 20 Most Canadian Things To Ever Happen On Vine

    Because #WeAreWinter is forever.

    1. The Most Relatable Demi Lovato Lyric Vine.

    2. The Purge: Canadian Edition Vine.

    3. The Magic Currency Exchange Vine.

    4. This Little Girl Getting Rowed Up Over Hockey Night In Canada Vine.

    5. And This Vine Proving Hockey Is Just As Gangsta As Any Other Sport.

    6. The Holidays In Canada Vine.

    7. The "Roll Up To Win" Struggle Vine.

    8. The It's Only October In Canada Vine.

    9. The It's Supposed To Be Spring In Canada Vine.

    10. And The IT'S FINALLY SPRING... Vine.

    11. The Holy Bagged Milk Proclamation Vine.

    12. The Other Canadian "Green" Party Vine.

    13. The When It's Stupid Cold Out Vine.

    14. The Hostile Canucks Shit-Talking And Threatening To "Curbstomp" Someone Vine.

    15. The Guy Who Shamelessly Shimmied Past Harper For Some Beer (And Harper Politely Moves Out Of The Way) Vine.

    16. The Guide To Canadian Cussing Vine.

    17. That One Stereotype Vine.

    18. The Great Apology Exchange Vine.

    19. The Official Dachshund Mountie Vine.

    20. And, Forever, The Vines Of The Exact Moment Canada Won Olympic Gold This Year That Was Heard Around The World.



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