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19 Things Canadians Have Actually Apologized For

Sorry, this post is kind of embarrassing.

1. For bumping into inanimate objects.

i just said sorry to a wall for running into it Why Am I So Canadian

it's true. i've even apologized to furniture for running into it accidentally. #canadian

I bumped into a door as I was walking out and I said sorry to it. I'm so embarrassingly Canadian 😒

2. And hurting the object...and/or yourself.

Hurt myself by bumping into a table and I said "sorry" I still can't work out if I was apologising at myself, or the table

Unclear to what or whom the apology was intended, but it's been submitted and your Canadian duty fulfilled.

3. For bumping into someone.

4. Thereby creating what's known as a "Canadian standoff."

i say sorry bc canadians always say sorry, i bumped into someone at the mall and we apologized to each other 3 times :/

5. For someone else bumping into you.

I bumped into a guy from behind when I was running for my bus, and he apologized to me. #canada #sorryeh

6. For holding the door for someone.

I just apologized to someone because I held the door open for them. I feel so Canadian

7. For not holding the door for someone.*

I like living in Canada because I imagine it's hard to find another place where someone will apologize for not holding the door for you

*Because you FORGOT; you would never not hold the door for someone.

8. For someone else not holding the door for you.

I just apologized to someone because they didn't hold the door for me.. I've never felt more Canadian in my life

9. For, essentially, anytime someone else physically hurts and/or inconveniences you.

a girl just hit me in the head by accident and I turned around and said sorry.. I've never felt more Canadian in my life

The other day a girl accidentally elbowed me as I walked by her. I apologized to her because #canada

10. For trying to rob a cashier by threatening their life and demanding money, then fleeing the scene.

11. For getting off the wrong floor.

i realized how canadian i am when i got off at the wrong floor and a guy said 'this is the 3rd not 5th floor' and i answered with 'sorry'

12. For being too nervous.

This kid has said sorry at the end of almost every slide in his presentation. He's either nervous or Canadian.

13. For sneezing.

Peak Canada: @kat_hayward just apologized for sneezing in the office.

14. For interrupting someone's day so a lost item could be returned to them.

Someone just said "sorry" to get a man's attention to tell him he dropped his glove in the snow. So Canadian.

15. For offending anyone on the internet.

in true canadian fashion, i messaged everyone upset by my post and apologized 3 times. how have i survived on the internet for this long?

16. For being too Canadian.

Today I apologized to someone for saying eh. It was the most Canadian thing I've ever done.

Saw someone in red flannel and a tuque and I told him he looked super Canadian and he said sorry.

17. For being too sassy.

I am not sorry for what I said! I am, however, sorry for not being sorry. *Canadian taking a stand

"Sorry NOT sorry.


18. But, mostly, for apologizing too much.

Just apologized for apologizing too much while ordering a double double at a Tim Hortons. I think I just overdosed in Canadian.

19. ...and for apologizing for apologizing too much.

I once got yelled at for apologizing too much... I apologized for that too. #Canada

The end. Sorry for taking your time.