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    19 Cakes That Capture The Emotional Stages Of The Post-Grad Job Hunt

    If only it were actually a piece of cake. Badum-ch.

    1. Weeks before graduation, as you triumphed through the last finals of your life, you couldn't wait to be done with school.

    2. And then you did it!

    3. You made your parents so proud.

    4. But you quickly realized it was time to officially leave the nest.

    5. And get a job.

    6. So, you begin to delete (or change the privacy settings of) your past and head straight for your career.

    7. After submitting a few applications, you start to feel kinda good.

    8. But then comes the anxiety-inducing waiting period.


    10. You start to doubt your professional capabilities.

    11. And whether former employers liked you enough to help you out.

    12. And what a job even means in the larger, existential scheme.

    13. You get really bitter and resentful of all your friends' new job updates on Facebook and LinkedIn.

    14. Then a completely irrational fear begins to settle in: What if you never get a job?

    15. No, you're being crazy. You have a college degree you can count on.

    16. Which puts you in a higher bracket than other applicants...right?

    17. Right. So put away Netflix and get back to the grind.

    18. Because it's almost over!

    19. And you'll soon have something to celebrate.