21 Reasons You Won't Want To Visit British Columbia Right Now

    Their recent warm temperatures are absolutely miserable.

    Most of Canada's West Coast have been hit with record-breaking warm temperatures, and judging from all the photos people have been sharing lately, it's turning the province into a grisly, godawful hellhole.

    1. The Nanaimo River off Vancouver Island is littered with rotting trash and gunk.

    2. Your views from the West Coast Trail aren't as breathtaking as they used to be.

    3. Because the stupid sprouting greenery is blocking most of it.

    4. And the warm sunrises in Lynn Valley will actually blind you, probably killing you.

    5. Weird cloud formations are taking shape in the sky.

    6. Which is only ruining the sunsets too.

    7. Don't smoke weed in British Columbia right now: your high will be pretty dull.

    8. And definitely don't spend time along the rocky coasts.

    9. You won't be inspired, and the romantic sights aren't worth your time.

    10. Even Victoria residents are all staying inside during these last few horrendous wintry days.

    11. You'll just be asking for trouble if you adventure to head outdoors.

    12. The balmy temperatures have ruined everything.

    13. Someone climbed all the way to the Second Peak of the Stawamus Chief in Squamish, and proved our point.

    14. Not all of British Columbia are experiencing "spring" weather. Snow has fallen atop Mission Mountain and it's turned it into a depressing Canadian tundra.

    15. Whatever you do, DON'T fly over them and definitely DON'T stay near them.

    16. If you've planned a trip to Vancouver, close your eyes upon arrival. It usually looks a lot more beautiful than this.

    17. There are usually more people out during the Wintertime, so please excuse Van-City for this discouraging welcome.

    18. The views from Beach Ave are particularly the worst.

    19. So, if you're thinking about paying West Canada a visit...

    20. DON'T DO IT.

    21. It is absolutely garbage right now. Come back when it's -26 °C.