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    Canada Created A Burger With Melted Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, And We Tried It.

    Because we are dumb and loyal Canadians.

    Look at this burger. I'm sad.

    The Works

    It's composed of a juicy, succulent ground beef patty, onion strings, strips of bacon, and two layers of melted Reese's peanut butter cups, oozing from inside and beneath the meat.


    It was created by Canadian burger franchise The Works, so we authorize complete permission to "blame Canada."

    But as loyal Canadians, we tried the damn thing. The reviews — like our taste buds — were very mixed and confused.


    Off the bat, it was very rich, and that was without even tasting the chocolate or peanut butter. When I got closer to the middle [of the meat] it was like eating Nutella.

    The best part was when I took out the piece of bacon and it was covered in melted peanut butter and chocolate. That tasted so good. Dear lord. Give me more of those. I don't need the burger or bun. Gimme da bacon.

    BuzzFeed Canada


    My mouth is still confused, but in a good way...I think. At first, I was like "um these flavors don't hang out well together." Halfway through, it all starts to work pretty well. The chocolate can be too much right in the middle, but a little mix of the chocolate taste works surprisingly well. I probably wouldn't order it but it was a fun experiment.


    Eating this burger was like a beautiful, horrible, tragic story that went like this:
    1. This is a good burger.
    2. Oh god, is that chocolate?
    3. Actually I'm not mad at this.
    4. This is pretty good!
    5. This is too much.
    6. I am dying.
    7. I'm going to die and leave a greasy corpse covered in chocolate and peanut butter.
    8. This was a mistake. Tell my family I love them.
    9. Goodbye cruel world.
    10. I need a nap and five gallons of water.

    BuzzFeed Canada


    While initially the combination of Reese's cups and a hamburger sounded disgusting, the first few bites of this burger were surprisingly good. The combination of sweet and savoury was a delicious one. However, by the time the burger was halfway done, I felt as though I'd just jogged 20 miles and I wanted a nap. Somehow I finished the entire thing and now I want to sleep for a million years. The burger is delicious but deadly.


    [Update 20 minutes later]

    I wish I were dead.

    BuzzFeed Canada


    The burger is interesting, but not great. The sweet-and-savoury thing actually works for a few bites, but about halfway through, the chocolate flavour was starting to get overwhelming, and I really just wanted a plain burger. It doesn't help that the burger itself is really, really good. If this had been a mediocre burger it would have been different, but instead I felt like they ruined an excellent burger with a completely unnecessary addition. I couldn't even finish it because between the beef, bacon, and chocolate, it was just too rich and I needed to chug some water just to cleanse my palate.

    BuzzFeed Canada
    BuzzFeed Canada

    7. And one (unconfirmed, but very serious and suspicious) case of stomach sickness.

    On Friday around 11 a.m., I had half of the burger against my better judgment. It's fine, I guess, insofar as a burger with chocolate and peanut butter can possibly be. I should not have eaten half of it. I am a stupid person.

    I didn't eat anything for the rest of the day because as soon as you eat a burger for lunch, you're going to feel bad, but when you eat a CHOCOLATE PEANUT BUTTER BURGER, you will never eat again. I got home, dolled myself up for Halloween (I was a real cute Morticia) and had a stomach ache that I assumed would pass.

    I got to the bar at 10. By 10:50, I was in a cab because I had thrown up at the bar, like some dumb baby at her first frat party.

    I threw up every 20 to 30 minutes until 5 a.m. My face pressed against the seat of my toilet, I raged against burger gods. Why, this punishment, for just half a burger?

    Anyway, I pooped and puked my pants until Sunday night, around 7, when I stopped puking and pooping my pants. I had my first solid meal today.


    BuzzFeed Canada

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