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When Kids Appear In "Mean Tweets" Instead Of Celebrities, The Results Are Brutally Chilling

This anti-bullying ad riffs on Jimmy Kimmel's famous videos to prove that cyberbullying is anything but funny.

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By now, you're probably pretty familiar with Jimmy Kimmel's "Mean Tweets" segments. Heck, even President Obama appeared in one.

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Well, the Canadian Safe School Network, a nonprofit organization, has borrowed the format — not for laughs, but to address cyberbullying:

They filmed kids reading increasingly mean-spirited tweets.

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The president of the network said they riffed the Kimmel feature to make the point that, unlike adult celebrities, kids don't "have the maturity and confidence to overcome these hurtful words."

"We wanted to use the ‘Mean Tweets’ model because in a way, those videos give the message that cyberbullying is ok – even funny,” he told Global News. "But adult celebrities have the maturity and confidence to overcome these hurtful words. Children don’t. For regular kids, words can cut like a knife."