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Here's What Happens When Americans Try To Label The Country Of Canada

"Is Toronto a province?"

Canada Day is almost upon us, so we asked the almost-entirely-American editorial team of BuzzFeed's U.S. offices to label the provinces and territories of their neighbours to the north.

Here's what happened... (Or, rather, what didn't. SMH.)

We very quickly learned there were only a few provinces Americans had actually heard of.

And exactly which ones they were: Toronto and Quebec.

Others were a little more ~informed~ of Canada's geographical sites, but couldn't actually point to them on a map.

The middle three provinces were just one giant, sad question mark.

(...that were so unknown to Americans, they just replaced them with their own states.)

Hint: "Canada-ville" is not one of them. But the eastern territories of Nunavut do kinda look like a conceited llama.

This is, probably and devastatingly, a pretty accurate perspective of Canada:

When some people couldn't name a single location, they just labeled anything they knew about the country.

Which included (but certainly not limited to)..."hockey."

"Rob Ford."


"Mooses? Moose? Is this one Toronto?"

Someone identified and birthed the provinces of Alberta and West Alberta.

One person freaked out and tried to offer this as condolence to Canadians:

This person actually apologized in person after returning her labeled map.

The results were...eye-opening, but not every American failed so tragically. Thank god.

Some even did surprisingly well. Still, they could not resist inserting their, er, Amurricanisms.

This guy had Saskatchewan twice, but not a bad effort at all.

And then there was this guy.

To the entire nation of Canada...

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