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    27 Signs Your Mom Might Be Linda Belcher


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    1. Your mom is the fun one of the parent pair.

    2. Who has perfected her fun mom moves:

    3. She gives you the best life advice you never asked for.


    4. But sometimes she shares a little too much.

    5. Personal space? Boundaries? An anomaly to moms everywhere.

    (Your dad definitely gets the brunt of this.)

    6. Her mom puns are on-point.

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    7. They also inevitably make your entire family groan.

    8. But they're nothing compared to the times she accidentally drops a "that's what she said".

    9. She's very honest about her wine habits.

    10. Very honest.

    11. But that just makes her all the more fun to drink with.

    12. And she also always understands your cravings for sweet things.

    13. She'll try her hand at pop culture references and you're just, like, maaahhhmmm reallyyyyyyyyy?

    14. And she has weird celebrity obsessions you will never understand.

    15. But she has an even weirder obsession with kitsch.

    Fox / Via

    Like, Morning Glory dolls kitsch.

    16. She's also very crafty.

    17. And full of feminist wisdom she's bestowed on you.

    18. She doesn't care about being the ~cool mom~.

    19. As an adult woman who’s figured herself out, she knows exactly what she likes.

    20. And she's very particular about what she wants.

    21. She may come off as a sweet, clueless lady...

    22. ...but you DO NOT want to cross her.

    23. Because she always lays down the law in your house.

    24. She is who she is..................

    25. Sure, sometimes she still struggles with accepting how grown-up you are.

    26. But she'll always find unique ways to make you feel better.

    27. Because as crazy as she is sometimes, you would never want her to be any other way.

    Fox / Via

    ...which is ***flawless.

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