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17 Times Serena Williams Made Boss Moves

You don't get to be No. 1 by being boring.

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2. That time she ordered an espresso in the middle of the Hopman Cup.

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When you're Serena Williams, the world is your café.

3. That time she decided to take Beyoncé's already-flawless "7/11" music video to the next level.

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Hold that trophy like alcohol!

4. That time she showed up to the CFDA awards looking like the gorgeous badass she is.

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Because rocking on the court isn't enough — she's gotta dominate the fashion world too.


7. That time she posed with some plebes.

Karlie Kloss who?


9. That time she managed to design a whole clothing line in between dominating the tennis world.

Like winning 34 Grand Slam titles AND designing a clothing line is difficult, amirite?

10. That time she taught us all how to properly bask in the sun.

Showing us there's only one Serena in town (sorry van der Woodsen).


15. That time she made Paris look THIS good.

"OK Eiffel Tower, I guess you can be in the background."

17. And that time she was like, "Oh well, guess I'll read a magazine."