This Helpful Video Provides A Recipe Both For Halloween Cupcakes And Offensive Costumes

    Feminist vlogger TheeKatsMeoww teaches you to bake delicious cupcakes and dismantle racist, sexist Halloween the same damn time!

    YouTube vlogger TheeKatsMeoww (Kat Lazo IRL) made a baking tutorial that doubles as a lesson in how not to be racist or sexist this Halloween.

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    "These aren't your everyday cupcakes. It's Halloween, which means that these cupcakes are mass manufactured, racist, and sexist cupcakes disguised in eroticism and humor," she says.

    "How spooky!"

    "Make sure that your oil is 100% heteronormative!"

    Don't forget to seperate the cupcakes by gender! "A girl can't eat a blue cupcake and a guy can't eat a pink cupcake!"

    She wants her audience to be productive and clean. "While you're waiting for your yummy cupcakes to come out of the oven, take this time to scrub your kitchen clean of any evidence that you were even there, just like the genocide of Native Americans."

    Bon appétit!

    "Mmmm... so ignorantly tasty!"