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5 Reasons Why Steven Universe Is Great

Have you heard about the new show on CN? No? Well, it's awesome and you should be watching it. Like right now

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Rebecca Sugar, originally a story board artist for the ever popular Adventure Time, has her own animated show on Cartoon Network. Steven Universe follows the adventures of Steven and the Crystal Gems, intergalactic female warriors with magical powers. The pilot episode was aired online and was a huge hit! In fact, this is one of the best things to happen to CN in a long time. Reasons why? Look below.

1. It's the First Show on CN Created by a Female

Okay, it is a bit sad that it has taken CN this long to have a show created by a woman but it's better than nothing. Why is this a good thing? Because it means that the idea of women not selling is slowly but surely disappearing. Not only that but Rebecca has proven she knows what she's doing. Her manage to gain herself to Emmy nominations and an Annie nomination as well. Go Rebecca!

2. The Music is Great

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Rebecca Sugar wrote a bunch of songs for the show and all of them are just great. Take a listen a song Steven's dad wrote.

3. The Crystal Gems are Beyond Flawless

One thing everyone was really excited for was a show that had three main females in the cast. Not only do they fight and kick major but but the gems themselves have great designs. Pearl is a thin, fairy like girl while Amethyst is short and thick while Garnet is curvy and tall. All three women are considered hot despite their different looks. Can you say refreshing?

4. The Fandom is Oozing with Talent / Via Devinatart

While the show only has a few episodes, it's already gained a huge following of fans and boy, are they talented! Not only have they created some killer OCs but they have given the Steven Universe fandom so awesome pics of our already favorite characters.

5. It's Just Plain Good!

The show has only be around for a while but it's already proven to be great. There is humor, yes but it also has some sweet tender moments and some really, deep moments too. Heck, the last episode 'Cat Fingers' was even kinda scary! I can honestly say this show is something you need into and fast. You won't regret it.

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