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The Top 12 Best Non-Disney Animated Films

While we all love Disney, not every animated film comes from them so why not celebrate those films as well?

tamarnickelm • 3 years ago

The Top Ten Dumbest And Weirdest Pieces Of Frozen Merch

I wish companies would follow Elsa's advice and 'let it go' already

tamarnickelm • 3 years ago

5 Reasons Why Fat Shaming Needs To Go Away

Shaming dogs is funny but when it comes to shaming humans, no one is laughing.

tamarnickelm • 4 years ago

Disney Princess Fan Art Inspired By Flowers

Created by the extremely talented spicysteweddemon, each Disney princesses is a given a flower that goes with their personality.

tamarnickelm • 5 years ago

10 Peices Of Fan Art Inspired By Princess And The Frog

The Princes and the Frog was not just a great animated movie but it finally gave us an African-American princess! Filled with great characters, wonderful art and lush scenes, it's no wonder it's inspired some great fan art!

tamarnickelm • 5 years ago

10 Kickass Comic Females Who Need A Movie

I want to see some girls flying around in the sky and kicking major butt! These are the ladies from comics who need a movie, like now.

tamarnickelm • 5 years ago

Puppets Sing 'All Together Now'

Say hello to Fafa the Groundhoug and Mario the...Mario. Imagine Sesame Street for growns up filled with pop culture. That is what their channel is.

tamarnickelm • 5 years ago

5 Reasons Why Steven Universe Is Great

Have you heard about the new show on CN? No? Well, it's awesome and you should be watching it. Like right now

tamarnickelm • 5 years ago