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The Top 12 Best Non-Disney Animated Films

While we all love Disney, not every animated film comes from them so why not celebrate those films as well?

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1. Coraline

Combine the creatively creepy writings of Neil Gaiman with the amazing claymation of Henry Selick and what do you get? You get Coraline. It's basically a horror story for kids! While it does have some scary elements, it balanced enough to keep kids entertained. This movie also started off Selick's animation studio, Laika.

2. The Lego Movie

Normally, when you hear someone is going to make a movie based on a top property, you groan. But Lego Movie managed to be--well awesome! This movie is not just fun for kids but clever enough for adults to enjoy. I mean who didn't enjoy playing with legos? The best part? We're getting a sequel in 2018!

3. Spirited Away

Not only did this movie win the Oscar for best animated picture but it was the movie that introduced American audiences to the wonder that is Hayao Miyazaki. Telling the story of a young girl's quest to save her parents, this movie is beautiful and deserves all the praise it has received.

4. The Iron Giant

While this movie didn't really do well at the box office, it has earned it's rightful place in our hearts. Directed by Brad Bird of Incredibles fame, this movie tells the story of a young boy who finds an alien robot. The titular giant is voiced by Val Kilmer and despite not having many lines manages to bring tears to our eyes.

5. The Secret of Nimh

There is no denying that Don Bluth is an animation legend. After learning Walt Disney Studios in the 80's, he branched off and did his own work. The Secret of Nimh was his first feature length movie, premiering in 1982 and it blew people away. A fantastic piece of animation history with a great animation and a great story.

6. The Book of Life

Directed by Mexican animator Jorge Gutierrez, The Book of Life oozes with Mexican culture and it is beautiful. Not only does it feature a mostly Mexican cast but it's rare to find an animated movie that doesn't focus on a European based story. The movie is both beautiful, fun and exciting.

7. Kirikou and the Sorceress

Directed by French animator Michel Oclet, Kirikou and the Sorceress tells the story of a young boy who is able to talk and walk despite being only a few day olds! Inspired by West African folklore, we follow our young hero as he tries to figure out how to defeat the evil Karaba

8. Fantastic Mr. Fox

Everything Wes Anderson touches turns to gold. This adaption of Rolad Dahl's novel is not just fantastic but it's witty, clever and a whole lot of fun! George Clooney voices the titular Mr. Fox and he kills it.

9. The Secret of Kells

Cartoon Saloon is slowly making a name for themselves in the world of animation. Kells came out in 2009 and managed to gain critical acclaim as well as an Oscar nomination for best animated picture. Focusing on a young monk, the story delves into Irish folklore with beautiful visuals and interesting characters.

10. Rise of Guardians

This movie is basically Avengers for kids. Based off of William Joyce's bestselling children's series, this Dreamworks picture shows childhood icons like the Sandman and Santa Claus face off that one and only Boogeyman. The best part about this movie? Hugh Jackman voices the Easter Bunny.

11. Happy Feet

Who doesn't love penguins? They're adorable! Also, who doesn't love to dance? Combine the two and you get a movie that enamored everyone! Elijah Wood plays Mumble, the only penguin who can't sing. But boy can he dance! With great music and beautiful visuals, this movie danced it way into our heart.

12. The Curse of Were-Rabbit

Cheese loving Wallace and his devoted dog Gromit made their feature length debut in 2005 and it was great! The British Aardman studios has been making shorts of these two for years so a movie was the only next logical step.

That's all for this list but if you have recommendations, leave them in the comments below. They might make it onto the next list!

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