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5 Reasons Why Fat Shaming Needs To Go Away

Shaming dogs is funny but when it comes to shaming humans, no one is laughing.

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Last year, there was a disturbing trend that made it's way onto the internet. It was called Fat Shaming week. This little gem came from that misogynistic cesspool known as Return of Kings. The creator of said site said, "Hurting people's feelings is the quickest way to get them to change."

And did I mention this only focused on a fat women?

It didn't work of course but it's upsetting that something like this even happened. Fat shaming isn't helpful and not needed. Why? Lets look at the reasons.

1. Misogyny Shouldn't be Celebrated

Misogyny is bad. There is no way around it. But Fat Shaming makes it worse because people turn it into a game. They feel like they should get a medal for taking a picture of a heaveyset woman (without her permission) and posting online. They thing they're doing a service.

And in a way, they are doing a service. They are showing us that they are men we do not want to sleep with. Ever.

2. Shaming People Doesn't Inspire Change

Whoever came up with the idea that shame is a good motivator for getting someone to change is stupid. Honestly, who came up with this idea? When you shame someone, you force them to think about the choices they have made and they end up feeling guilty. Guilt doesn't equal wanting to change.

Not only that but Huffington Post reported that Fat Shaming doesn't help people loose weight. In fact, it's more likely to make people GAIN weight.

3. It's Hurtful to Kids

Kids are so impressible and it's important that they get encouragement where ever they can. I'm not saying that we should let them gorge themselves on sugary snacks and down soda 24/7 but should we teach them that it's okay to be chubby?

4. It's Nobody Business!

One of the most often arguments I hear when it comes to fat shaming is that people are doing it because they care.

Guess what? We don't need your opinion on our bodies and at the same time, who asked you? If you're a friend or family member, then I'll listen but if I don't know you then you can kindly go away.

5. Plus Sized People Are Awesome!

Being a bigger person doesn't take away from a person's greatness. Look at Adele, Rebel Wilson, Jack Black, Queen Latifah, etc. Weight does not define who you are and it doesn't stop people from being successful. While it's true some people are remembered for being beautiful, it's more important to be remembered for what you did.

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