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These Unbelievable Drawings Look Almost Exactly Like Black And White Photographs

It's all just pencil and paper.

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What's even more incredible is that Ohmori is a self-taught artist, who began drawing as a hobby.

@kohei6620 / Via Twitter: @kohei6620

"I couldn't graduate college or find a place in society because for mental health-related reasons, so I'm trying to master realistic pencil drawings," he told BuzzFeed News in Japan. "Although I need to seriously start thinking about my future soon..."


And it was around four years ago that Ohmori began immersing himself in pencil art.

@kohei6620 / Via Twitter: @kohei6620

"Ever since I was young, it was frustrating to see my older brother draw better than me," Ohmori said. "So ever since, I've always been good at art. I studied a bit of drawing in preparation for my entrance exam, and I also saw some high-level art from overseas on social media, which inspired me to draw."

And yes, his works are drawn entirely with pencil.

@kohei6620 / Via Twitter: @kohei6620

"I think using color like paints will broaden your range of art," Ohmori said. "But I think using pencils, which everyone is familiar with, can better convey what I'm doing. It's just shading with white and black, so I can also concentrate on the details."

Sorry, but we just aren't over this: IT'S ALL PENCIL.

@kohei6620 / Via Twitter: @kohei6620

What's Ohmori's secret? "Regardless of what you're drawing, concentrate on a single part of the paper and render faithfully," he said. " And keep adding to it. If you break it up it's not difficult, so it's about patience and time. I'm also very meticulous, and that's a big advantage."

This post was translated from Japanese.