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23 Things That Will Make Short Girls Say "Sounds Fake, But OK"

What do you mean there's a "shallow" end?

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3. Seeing your whole face in the bathroom mirror.

5. A pool even having a "shallow" end.

7. Easily finding things you need at the grocery store.


8. Not being used as an armrest on a daily basis.

10. The sun visor in your car actually stopping the sun from getting in your eyes.


15. And finding a winter coat the right length.


20. Navigating your way through a crowded space with ease.

This is a picture of me freaking out on our senior trip a few years ago... #sunburntface #shortgirlproblems #crowds

22. Driving comfortably.

23. And taking photos with your friends where you don't look like a little garden gnome.

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