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23 Things That Will Make Short Girls Say "Sounds Fake, But OK"

What do you mean there's a "shallow" end?

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1. Reaching something in the kitchen cupboards with ease.

2. Standing at a concert and seeing everything clearly.

3. Seeing your whole face in the bathroom mirror.

4. Being able to lean in and easily grab something from the washing machine.

5. A pool even having a "shallow" end.

6. Being involved in a group hug and not being squashed.


7. Easily finding things you need at the grocery store.

8. Not being used as an armrest on a daily basis.

9. Sitting down and having your feet casually rest upon the ground.

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10. The sun visor in your car actually stopping the sun from getting in your eyes.

11. Going to the gym without having any problems.

12. Finding jeans that never need to be taken up.

13. Or finding a maxi skirt or dress that doesn't drape along the ground.

14. Having a dress fit perfectly around your waist.

15. And finding a winter coat the right length.

16. Wearing tights that don't end up under your boobs.

17. Hugging someone taller than you without being at boob-level.

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18. Not being asked for your ID.

19. And being served at the bar straight away.

20. Navigating your way through a crowded space with ease.

This is a picture of me freaking out on our senior trip a few years ago... #sunburntface #shortgirlproblems #crowds

21. Catching public transport without getting your head wedged near someone's underarm.

22. Driving comfortably.

23. And taking photos with your friends where you don't look like a little garden gnome.

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