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    22 Tweets That Accurately Sum Up Growing Up Shy

    When a hashtag is so painfully true.

    1. When talking to people, even to order food, was just downright terrifying.

    "Just order your own food" "just talk to people" "it's not that hard" #growingupshy

    2. When your lunch order was wrong but you were too shy to ask for it to be fixed.

    #GrowingUpShy When someone says "go and ask them yourself"


    3. When you actually dreaded birthdays because of all the unnecessary attention.

    #growingupshy when ur parents thought u were crying of happiness when ppl sang happy birthday to u but really it was because u were TERRIFED

    4. When you practised saying things in your head before uttering any words to the class.

    #GrowingUpShy practicing saying "here" in your head before the teacher calls your name so you don't end up sounding like a knob

    5. When school presentations were literally the worst time ever.

    #GrowingUpShy during group presentations and offering to hold the poster but they say you're going to be talking

    6. Or when you thought presentations couldn't get more unbearable and then the words "solo presentation" were uttered.

    #GrowingUpShy Hearing the words "solo presentation"

    7. And then when you got up to talk, nobody could hear you.

    #GrowingUpShy when you're trying to talk in class and someone yells "I CANT HEAR HER"

    8. So your face looked a little something like this.

    Me when i was talking in front of the class... #GrowingUpShy

    9. When you had to go to the doctor but you were too shy to explain your symptoms.

    #GrowingUpShy doctor: so what is the problem? me: *looks at mom*

    10. When you went to a friend's house but had to deal with the torture of talking to their parents.

    #GrowingUpShy Friends parent: "do you want a drink?" Me: "um... No thanks" Them: "are you sure...?" Me: "yes." Me:

    11. When you were hanging out with your friends but they'd run into other friends you didn't know, and it was super awkward.

    #GrowingUpShy when you're with your friends and their other friends come around so you just sit there like

    12. When you were always terrified of calling out an answer in class.

    #GrowingUpShy when you wanna give an answer but youre scared it's wrong and then someone else answers and you were actually right.

    13. When you completed an exam but didn't want to be the first one to hand it in.

    #GrowingUpShy *finishes a test* *waits until someone else finishes the test too so you can hand it in*

    14. When your teacher said they'd call on people at random and it would send you into a full-blown panic attack.

    #GrowingUpShy "If you guys don't start participating I'm going to have to just call on you randomly"

    15. When the class was silent and you'd try desperately not to make any noise.

    #GrowingUpShy when you’re choking, but have to hold it in because 2 coughs had already drawn too much attention

    16. When everyone automatically assumed you were rude or a total bitch...

    #GrowingUpShy everyone thinks you either hate them or just constantly have a bad attitude

    17. ...but really, it was just because you got easily nervous around others.

    #GrowingUpShy when everyone thinks ur mean BC of ur natural b face so no one talks to u but ur actually really nice

    18. When you'd go home and overthink about the fact you have zero social skills.

    #GrowingUpShy forever wishing you could hold conversations without being awkward or boring

    19. And when people gave you this advice as if it's all just so damn easy.

    #GrowingUpShy when people tell you to "stop being shy" thinking that it's some kind of act you put on

    20. When you started a new class, lecture, or job and this happened:

    "We're going to go around the room & each person will stand up & say something abt themselves " #growingupshy

    21. That time you said something funny and no one laughed, so you thought about it for the rest of your life.

    when you say something and then you spend the next 5 months thinking about it #GrowingUpShy

    22. And when you realise all these points are still highly relevant to your life.

    reading the #GrowingUpShy tag and realising you're still like this