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Literally Just 19 Hilarious Tweets From Matthew Gray Gubler

"Retweet if you just ate so much pizza alone in a dark kitchen."

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1. When he was in need of a good lawyer:

2. When he developed the term "wonkin":

3. And really committed to it:

4. When he shared this hilarious story:

5. When he shared this touching photo of his mom:

6. No, but really:

7. When he shared how cool, calm, and collected his co-star Joe Mantegna is:

8. And how he's basically the polar opposite:

9. When he went too far in a bid to look sharp:

10. When his Friday night turned a little weird:

11. And his Saturday night got even better:

12. When he shared his talents with us:

13. When he shared this life hack:

14. And this one:

15. When he shared this flashback:

16. And this one:


17. When he was spot-on about those who go out to eat salad:

18. And when he was relatable AF:

19. Time and time again: